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About Tori

TORI Adventure & Trainings  is a expedition-oriented company founded in Mexico in 2012. Our mission is to provide you with different types of experiences across the world that could lead you to enjoy the awesome beauty of this amazing planet and most importantly, help you find a better self through this journey.

Why Tori?

We will provide you with a customized and tailored plan in trainings and adventures, making sure you experience every aspect of this exotic and vast world. Through our history, we have invited our dear clients to explore the beauty of the snow-capped mountains, the arid desert, canyons and forests... from Gobi in Mongolia to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. 

To whom we provide the experience?

We are not only providing professional-focused activities, so don't worry if you are an outdoor beginner. We want to offer everyone with the best experience no matter your level or skills.


Besides the physical activities, we will bring you to the local villages to taste the food and experience traditional music and dances. Culture and nature are part of our unparalleled experiences. Come with us and explore fascinating landscapes, discover fantastic creatures and beautiful plants, while you also experience engaging experiences with ethnic groups and communities all over the world.


Environmental Concern

Social Responsibilities

We respect and protect nature in every region we visit.  In every activity, we try to make our clients connect with the nature and learn from it. We also respect the local people and we are determined to preserve landscapes and the local culture. 

We share this concern and are keenly aware of our responsibility towards a clean and sustainable eco system.


Minimizing the impact of our activities is a priority for us.

TORI is committed to build a better society locally and internationally, in terms of carrying our social responsibilities in different spheres.


We invite vulnerable people to join our expeditions and trainings. Also, we hope to bring consciousness to people, in the way that they  understand the story behind every human-being.

Through the trips, we raise money for different foundations, like Iluminemos de Azul and Alma.









Camino de Santiago




Machu Picchu