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TORI Adventure & Trainings is a expedition-oriented company founded in Mexico in 2012. Our mission is to provide you with vast and engaging adventures across the world that could lead you to enjoy the awesome beauty of this amazing planet and above all, help you find a better self through this journey.


We will provide you with a customized plan in trainings and adventures, making sure you experience every aspect of this exotic world. Through our history, we have invited our dear clients to explore the beauty of the snow-capped mountains, the arid desert, canyons and forests... from gobi in Mongolia to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. You will also get to see extraordinary flora and fauna, and of course the fascinating culture of people from diverse ethnic groups all over the world.

Meet The Team

Edith González


The founder of Tori Adventure & Trainings. Momo is the first and only Mexican woman who works for 4 Deserts and Racing the Planet as marking the ultra-trails all around the world. She has explored, verified, tested and marked the routes of the different ultra trails in the world. 
In Mexico, she is in charge of opening new routes for running, cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, trekking and hiking. 

Juan Manuel Abad  

(Juan Ma) 

The second hand of the company. Juan works for Tori's Public relations and he is the link with Foundations locally and internationally. Juan is a proactive person that is always looking for solutions to help people. Beside, he is also a great hiker, trekker and runner! 

Andrea Ugalde (Andy) 

The nutritionist of the company. Andy is in charge of our team and clients's diet and nutrition in-take.  As our nutrition coach, Andy is currently researching about how the people could have a better performance in this adventure activities. Great in trekking and kayaking! 

Gerardo Magallanes (Jerry )

Our doctor. Jerry has specialities in mountain sports. He is an expert who deals with hypertension, diabetes and obesity. When he is in the team, he always carries his first aid kit and check the potential medical risks of our clients if they have any related disease. Jerry also helps to check the routes for rock-climbing and high-altitude hiking.

Cenyu Gu


Our web designer. Alice also works for Tori's Public Relations and Marketing in North America and Asia. As a environmentalist, Alice cares the environment a lot. A good hiker and scuba diver!


Diego  Dávila


The team's biologist. Diego has been fascinated with nature since he was a child, so he decided to study nature as a life-time career. Diego is in charge of the educational activities we have developed in the amazing wilderness. He is also a certified Scuba Diver and Emergency Medical Technician.

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